Cooling System Maintenance

Your vehicle's coolant is the primary way in which your engine rids itself of potentially damaging heat, that when not properly removed can lead to diminshed performance and eventually to mechanical breakdown.  Overheating caused by a poorly performing cooling system can also lead to performance problems and even failures of the engine and transmission, leading to costly repoairs.

Unlike engine oil, only about 50% of the used coolant is drained during traditional drain-and-fill services, leaving the remainder of the old coolant inside t he engine.  Adding fresh coolant to dirty coolant only gives you slightly less dirty coolant, much like if you were to only replace 50% of the dirty water in a fish tank with fresh water,. If you did that enough, you would eventually kill the fish.

What Our ASE Certified Technicians Do

The following components are inspected. Their condition is recorded and compared to manufacturer's specs. Recommendations are made per the Motorist Assurance Program Uniform Inspection Guidelines:

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Visual Inspection

  • Interior controls and blower
  • Radiator coolant level, hoses, pressure cap and thermostat
  • The A/C compressor belt for condition and tension
  • Leaks or other damage
  • Component condition, leaks or damage


Heating and Air Conditioning Tests

  • Pressure test engine cooling system
  • A/C system pressures are measured and compared to manufacturer's specifications
  • A/C system is leak tested
  • Both the heater and A/C are performance tested by checking the outlet air temperature at the discharge vents
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