Miles Automotive

11481 North Maple Island Road, Fremont, MI 49412




"Miles has become my new go to mechanic!!  They are amazing, worked with me, explained things to me and friendly. 

When I brought my Chrysler LHS to Miles Automotive, I had 2 cars that I was getting repaired, they were amazing at keeping me informed and explaining what needed to be repaired.  The Team was wonderful and friendly and always smiling."   :)

                                                                                             - Tabatha Boonstra, CNA




"John and I believe your company gives excellent service, do good work, and are very honest in what you say and do.

When I brought my 2008 Chevy Impala to Miles Automotive, I explained to Miles what concerns I had with the car and since I could not be without a vehicle, Miles offered a loaner to me.  Since John, my husband, had a stroke on June 21st, I have been confident if I had car trouble that Miles would be able to help me out.  And he has not disappointed me.  He repaired my car and I am so grateful I could use a loaner the 2 days my car was being fixed as I needed to bring my husband home from the rehab center.  It is such a blessing to know there are still honest and caring people like the staff at Miles Automotive.

Thank you Miles & Staff.  Thanks for being there when we needed you."

                                                                                                -Julie Otto, retired Minister



"I am so glad I happened upon you!  I appreciate the great diagnostics and the great, very professional care.

When I brought my Suzuki SX4 to Miles Automotive, I needed an oil change and maintenance.  Not only was my car wonderfully cared for all the way through; so were my husband and I!  Our experience was totally professional and very enjoyable.  Thank heavens the Crew and Mike looked to see was was needed!  Thank you for your integrity and treating us as family would."

                                                                                               -  Kathleen M. Kline, Retired



"A company of integrity and very fair on cost of work done and quality of work performed.

When I brought my 2010 Toyota Prius to Miles Automotive, my car ended up requiring a new motor.  Mike, the Manager, did an excellent job tracking down a low mileage used motor and did a fantastic job keeping me informed all the way through the process.  I would not have any hesitation recommending Miles Automotive.  They do an honest job and top quality workmanship."

                                                                                              - Tony Blake, Sales Manager



"My overall feeling about Miles Automotive is that they are Trustworthy.  Comfortable that unnecessary repairs will not appear on our bill.  Competent and caring staff.  Pleasant environment if waiting for your vehicle.

Sensors--when working, they are a blessing; when not, cause for blood pressure rising and an adrenalin rush. When our warning lights went on, we were on our way to a medical appointment.  Being near Miles, we pulled our car into their facility.  Explained the problem.  They immediately looked at our vehicle, informed us it was safe to drive and sent us on our way, feeling much more secure in knowing we were not driving an unsafe vehicle.  The next day we called to schedule an appointment to have the problem fixed.  Repairs were done much more quickly than anticipated.  Better yet, cost was less than expected.  We know the work is top notch as Miles has a 5 year warranty!  Our auto maintenance will be handled by Miles Automotive."

                                                                                             - Bob and Gail Wells, Hesperia Retirees


"Your business and staff are very polite and helpful. I rented several vehicles from them and will be coming back if I need to.  Miles, Mike and Staff are awesome!  Thank you again!"

                                                                                            - Sharrie Holmes, SAHM


"My overall feeling about Miles Automotive is that they are Awesome.  I use to go to the dealerships for repairs but getting in was hard!  I used to do most of my own work because I am fussy and believe in preventative maintenance all the way!

When I brought my 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee to Miles Automotive, I had scheduled maintenance, warranty, and normal repairs done.  Miles, Mike and Derrick are on the same page with me--preventative maintenance, look at everything, show me what's wrong, and do the work.  I also like that I can get a loaner and an appointment in a quick amount of time!  We had a couple of small re-dos, but so what, I did when I worked on something.  Who else gives you a 5 year warranty of work performed?  I will, and my son will, continue to come back.  Keep up the good work!   I tell everybody all work performed was done at a reasonable time and cost!"

                                                                                              - Robert VanDeussen, retired



"My overall feeling about Miles Automotive is that it is pleasant, professional and has a clean office and waiting room.

When I brought my Toyota Sienna to Miles Automotive, I was greeted by a very friendly and responsive support office staff (Becky)!  My husband and I are from Grand Rapids, but were in Fremont to buy the above mentioned vehicle.  Miles Automotive was the only mechanic we could find open on a Saturday.  The Manager (Mike) was very pleasant, professional, and flexible to fit us in for a thorough one hour courtesy inspection prior to us buying this car.  Thanks so much!    : ) "



"My overall feeling about Miles Automotive is that they are friendly, eager, timely and quality.

When I brought my Toyota Rav 4 to Miles Automotive, it was shaking like crazy.  They went with me for a test drive, diagnosed the problem, ordered parts, then ta-da!  Done!  Pleased they were open on Saturday!!  Unheard of quick service!!

Thank you Miles!!"

                                                                                                - Sandy Anderson, Registered Nurse



"The very few automotive establishments that I would trust with our automobile.  Honest, trustworthy, very dependable as well as friendly.  If I had more room, I'd continue to write.

When I brought my Dodge Avenger to Miles Automotive, they fixed the problem right away.  I definitely recommend them to anybody, even if there is nothing wrong.  So friendly, thank you Miles Automotive.  God bless.

Special shout out to Becky as well."

                                                                                              - Amber Johnson and John Jones



"I will continue to bring my vehicle to Miles Automotive.  They give the best service and friendly people.

When I brought my 2007 Saturn Relay van to Miles Automotive, I needed a transmission, rear axle, and brakes all the way around.  They go into details of what they need to do."

                                                                      Barbara Lynn Taylor



 "Always great, alway's greeted with a smile (Becky).  Very knowledgeable mechanics that Get R Done, no matter what you throw at them (Thanks Guys!).

When I brought my Carriage Fift Wheel to Miles Automotive, I had a broken spring.  The third one since I've had the trailer.  The first two times an RV repair company came out and replaced the spring (nothing else).  The folks at Miles replaced the spring but also noticed the shocks were bad, "root cause."  Thank you very much for going the extra mile, the wife and I feel much safter traveling the road with a mechanic that cares for quality.  Wonderful job on my Chevy pick up Mike!  God Bless!"

                                                                                                  - Chad and Tes Kelley



"Excellent Service.  Very prompt, fast, and extremely friendly on 6-30-16 Holiday Weekend.  

When we broke down on Maple Island Road by the turkey farms, my husband was unable to use the spare tire.  I called Miles, they came right away, picked up the bad tire, and husband brought there to Miles and he repaired the tire, and then brought my husband and tire back and they put the tire back on for us.  Very nice guy.  We were very lucky to have such prompt and great service.  The Driver was very nice and we appreciated everything so much."

                                                                                                -  Annette Fowler,

                                                                                                   Self Employed & Bus Driver for Oakridge Schools



What is your overall feeling about our company?  "Thanks - thanks - Very Reliable - Wonderful!!

We brought my Bonneville to Miles Automotive.  We're not from around this area and we were going for a weekender at our cottage.  Your garage gave us special HELP - Love our car even thought it's old but in excellent shape.  You did the repairs to our satisfaction for which we are very thankful for.  Also for the 5 year warranty--Great!  You are One Of A Kind!"

                                                                                                - Scott Smith



"My overall feeling about Miles Automotive is that they are Wonderful!  Everyone was friendly and helpful and kept us up-to-date on everything going on with our vehicle from the moment it was taken back until it was done.

When I brought in my Mercury Sable, we were far from home and had a transmission problem.  Mike and Miles squeezed us in to help us out.  They were very accommodating and very helpful.  Becky was also very helpful and entertaining.  If we lived closer, you would be our automotive place to go to.  Thanks so much!"

                                                                                                 - Brian and Pam Brubaker



"Miles Automotive is a friendly, family-oriented and compassionate business.  Old fashion customer service.  The real deal.

When I brought in my Dodge Sprinter van, I was travelling through Fremont to buy a piece of equipment for business and then I was to continue on to my vacation.  My truck broke down.  The staff at Miles did everything they could to make the experience as stress free as possible, and get me on the road with minimal downtime.  Thank you!"

                                                                                                -  Antony Batagglio, Construction



"We are grateful to have found Miles Automotive.  With your company we've had great service that is not only honest but also very reliable.

When we brought our Chevy S-10 pickup to Miles Automotive, we had our back brakes worked on.  After 3 weeks they started making noise.  Due to the 5 year warranty, the pads were replaced at not cost to us.  Thank you!"

                                                                                               - Michael Overla, retired Pipefitter



"My overall feeling about Miles Automotive is that I am confident in their work.

When I brought my Subaru Outback to Miles Automotive for brake work, I was impressed with how thorough they were.  They have gained my confidence enough to return to have my Subaru routinely serviced."

                                                                                               - Sandra Kitchka



"My overall feeling about Miles Automotive is that I was so "grateful."  Mike saw how frazzled I appeared when I came in to rent a vehicle.

Your staff is friendly, courteous, and awesome.  I will refer any / all friends and family to you for whatever they need."

                                                                                               - Sharrie Holmes, Stay-At-Home Mom



"Miles is  a great place to come when you need repairs done.

When I brought my Volkswagon Jetta to Miles Automotive, they were diligent in accessing the repairs needed, fair in the estimate I was given and completed the repairs quickly and efficiently.  I was very happy and pleased with the people, place and circumstances.  Miles is a very customer-oriented business and I would bring my vehicles here again."

                                                                                                 - Nancy Moses



"Miles Automotive provided good, quick, dependable service.

When I brought my Jeep Grand Cherokee to Miles Automotive, I had problems with the 4-wheel drive components and some suspension issues.  They had the problems diagnosed and repaired in minimal time which got me back to work with just minor inconvenience.  Plus with the 5 year warranty on the parts that were replaced, it's a nice sense of security."

                                                                                                   - Roy D. Bolan, Farrier



"My overall feeling about Miles Automotive is that I was surprised and thankful you were open on a Saturday till 5:00 p.m.!!

When I brought my GMC Yukon to Miles Automotive, it was raining and there was a winter storm warning.  My driver side window was down and would not go up.  I'm not from the area and I stopped at a few other places but they were not able to service my vehicle.  The repair service at the GM dealer was closed but the salesman recommended that I visit Miles Automotive.  The service manager, Mike, made the time to check my vehicle and he understood my situation and assigned two of his mechanics to my job to get me back on the road within an hour!

You read about customer service but rarely do you experience it.  Well I did that day.

Thanks Mike and your Team that repaired my broken window and treated me as if I was a 20 year customer."

                                                                                                - Bob Muzio, Program Manager



"My overall feeling about Miles Automotive is that I am very satisfied.  I will recommend you to my friends.

 When I brought my Honda Civic to Miles Automotive to have my running light replaced, I was very relieved to know that they were familiar with foreign vehicles.  It saved me a trip to Grand Rapids.  I was impressed with the friendly phone call, the clean, comfortable waiting area, the knowledge of everyone who works there.  Everyone was educated in the modern, up-to-date service, and yet I felt as if I stepped back into time when people genuinely cared about pleasing the customer.  A very "Mayberr" type atmosphere."

                                                                                                - Mary Spurgeon, Dental Assistant



"Miles Automotive is professional, clean, and knowledgable.  Great first time experience.

When I brought my Ford F250 truck to Miles Automotive, they were able to get my truck in the same day and had it back to me, as promised, first thing the next morning!"

                                                                                                   - Jon Pennell, Business Owner



"I think this company is great--good service, good people.  I am very satisfied with the work performed on my truck.

When I brought my Ford F150 to Miles Automotive, I was very happy with the services performed on my truck.  Miles Automotive did what they said they would do, and stood behind their word. Mike, the manager, handled the situation very professionally.  Thanks Miles Automotive and Team."

                                                                                                 - Patrick Meyers, Contractor



"My overall feeling about Miles Automotive is that they are awesome, friendly, down-to-earth, with a touch of heaven.  They picked up our car and brought it back to us.

When I brought in my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo to Miles Automotive, my differential side bearing was bad.  I do not know too much about cars and that is why I trust you to do the work.  God is in the middle of it all.  Great work!  God bless your business in 2016.  Thank you!"

                                                                                                 - Dee Ann Brubaker



"When I brought my Ford Escape to Miles Automotive, first was a free front end inspection and estimate.  Then I returned to have tie rods and ball joints replaced.  I chose the 1 year warranty to fit my budget.  I appreciate everyone's concern to make my vehicle safe at a cost I could afford.  Thanks to my technician, Mike, and everyone at Miles!"

                                                                                                 - Diane L. Vermilyea 



"I would say I'm very impressed with Miles Automotive.  They have integrity and compassion, accurate quotes, and friendly!  It felt like I was their only customer, not just a number or a bill!  Take your vehicle to Miles.  You will be very happy.

I brought my 2010 Chevy Cobalt to Miles because my traction control light would come on and stay on, and wouldn't let me car accelerate past 45 mph.  Miles performed the diagnostics and found out both wheel bearings went out.  He gave me an estimate that was accurate.  They even put good used tires on the rear of the car and told me I had a bad front tire.  They fixed it quickly and correctly!"

                                                                                                 - Phil Purcell               



Miles Automotive is honest, dependableknowl, edgeable, and has competitive pricing.

"When I brought my VW Beetle to Miles Automotive, it needed quite a bit of work.  Miles and Mike kept me informed on all work needed and the most cost effective path to take.  I am very happy with the 5 year warranty and most of all the pricing is much lower than a new car dealer."

                                                                                                   -Steve Johnson

                                                                                                    former owner Freedom Chevrolet



"Very warm and pleasant atmosphere in the reception area.  Miles and his service staff are competent, experienced, and qualified to work on my car.  I would recommend Miles Auto to any one!

When I brought my Ford 500, I was given a complete explanation of the problem with my car.  Miles talked me step-by-step through the problem and what I needed to have fixed.  Miles also gave me an estimated quote and was able to have it into his shop within a day of the quote for service.  The final bill was within $10 of the estimate.  VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!  I know I would have paid $200 to $400 more had I had the dealership fix my problem."

                                                                                                   -Kathy Jordan, retired




"I am very impressed with your honesty and commitment to customer satisfaction.  When I brought  my Dodge Grand Caravan to Miles Automotive, there were several issues with the front end--from alignment to several worn out parts on both sides.  Miles prices were fair and most important, his service and Honesty is fantastic!  His entire Staff is a credit to the automotive business."

                                                                                                    -Bud & Ruth Clark, Route Manager




"Miles Automotive is a very hardworking group of people who I trust very much.  They do a great job in a timely manner and give excellent results.

When I brought my Honda Accord to Miles Automotive, I was having an oil change and since I had almost 300,000 miles on my car, they recommended I get a new timing belt because it was getting quite worn, and also recommended a new water pump.  We had those things repaired and it saved us from having to get a new engine."

                                                                                                      -Cyndie Wood




"Great customer service--able and willing to explain what's wrong and what needs to be done to my car, which I appreciatd because I don't understand the workings of a vehicle--Thank you!

When I brought my Pontiac Aztek to Miles Automotive they were a real life saver!  I travel extensively for work and with both emergencies I was able to immediately get into a loaner vehicle.  Thanks!"

                                                                                                      -Sara Stroven, Social Worker




"Very professional!  Took pride in making sure repairs were done to our satisfaction!  When I brought my Honda CRV to Miles Automotive, we were looking at brake repair but wanted our car checked out for safety.  Miles' technician did a thorough check and recommended a few repairs.  We went with their recommendations and are completely satisfied--runs like new!!  

We have two other Honda vehicles that we currently have serviced at a dealer in Holland.  We're planning on switching to Miles."  

                                                                                                     -Rick & Kathy Kalsbeck




"Miles Automotive treated me well.  Kept me informed about cost and time that my car needed.  When I brought my Chrysler 300 to them, the transmission was going out.  Although it took over a week to fix, I am very pleased with the car and it runs great.  They did a great job and will have them do all the work on my car.  I trust their work and cost of parts."

                                                                                                    -Mike Lorenz




"The personnel are knowledgeable and courteous.  A very fine company to deal with and I recommend them!  When I brought my Buick LeSabre to Miles Automotive, it was repaired in a timely fashion by professional mechanics.  Everything that was estimated was repaired and at the cost quoted.  Thank you to Mike for detailing all aspects of the repair."

                                                                                                    -Marcia Lubbers




"We have been with Miles Automotive for many years because of their responsible, dependable service. Miles and his staff, Becky and Mike, went above and beyond in repairing our car and providing us with a loaner for over a week.  They kept us updated on locating the parts and the timeline for completing the repair.  Thank you for a job well done with a friendly smile."

                                                                                                    -Raymond & Priscilla Becker



"I was treated very well, and the business was clean.  They would call and tell me what parts were needed. They were very honest.  I've already told my friends where to take their cars.  Thank you to all employees at Miles Automotive."

                                                                           -Jake Saum


"Professional, clean and friendly.  We were concerned how long it would take to fix.  We were in the area on vacation when we noticed our daughter's vehicle had no brake lights.  My brother, Bob Cassiday, recommended your services.  Upon entering, we were welcomed in a professional, friendly manner.  They promptly checked the vehicle, explained the situation, and fixed the lights.  We were able to continue with our vacation soon and with the knowledge her vehicle was fixed! Thank you!"

                                                                           -Cyndi Martin


"They are friendly and professional and do what they can to save you money.  They do good work and in a timely manner.  They explain everything so you can understand.  I also like the 5 year warranty on their work.  We had work done there before and will go back when needed."

                                                                           -Sue Hassevoort


I have always been pleased dealing with Miles Automotive.  My wife and I dropped off my Ford F150 truck and her Buick Roadmaster car at the same time, both needed brake work.  I had called ahead and told Miles I needed work on both and Miles had a loaner car while we had both repaired.

                                                                             -David R. Finney, retired


"Miles Brings A Smile.

My Spouse was always matriculate about caring for our automobiles. Fussy about the mechanics, the brakes, the filters, the seals.Thinks had gone quite well But, I'd finally run out of luck. What on earth would i do now? My ole speedometer was stuck!

“Take it to Miles, Take it to Miles” I heard my husband say… Though it had been over a year since he had passed away. T'was then that I remembered He took our other autos there. For the normal routine checkups, And the more serious repair. Now, I've been forced to learn. So many manly things, But, this one I take to Miles And o, what peace it brings. Their truth and dedication can not be bought or beat. I put my trust in their service, for their integrity is concrete."

                                                                           -Harriet Kenney


"We were really surprised on the attention we received from Mike and Phil. Both were very professional and helpful. The attention to details such as a clean and neat waiting and repair room (great Christmas decor!) was great.

We stopped by just to see if someone could give us an opinion about a truck we were wanting to purchase. In no time the truck was on the hoist and a quote for some minor repairs were written up. Your guys patiently explained what needed to be done and both Mike and Phil thought the truck was a good deal.

We saved $500.00 by making sure the dealership repaired as per “Miles” quote. Most of all the friendly service. It's nice to walk into an automotive repair company and feel instantly “good” about being there. The communication between me, Mike, and Phil was excellent. They really know what they're doing. Thanks again!

               We will definitely recommend you guys."

                                                                       -Steve and Sandy Sokolowsky
                                                                        of Fruitport Michigan


"The people who helped me were friendly and knowledgeable. The service went above and beyond what I expected. The price for fixing my car was lower than other shops. After fixing my car, they also did additional work at no extra cost; to me that seems like they care about their customers.

            I was referred. Keep up the good work."

                                                                         -Pedro C. Cisneros


“An honest place to have repairs done on your vehicle! Our starter went out the day after our fuel pump did. Miles went to great lengths to get it repaired quickly and get us back on the road.”

                                                                        -Bob & Gail Wells


“We feel Miles Automotive is honest & really knows the auto repair business. No one wants car problems, but it's reassuring to know someone you can trust to do the job well & honestly. Our car was leaking brake fluid, we brought it to Miles and the mechanic reworked what he could & replaced what needed to be. He found a bad ball joint, which he corrected. All to our complete satisfaction.”

                                                                        -Theodore Hall


“I really enjoyed the way I was treated. I would describe my overall feelings as very satisfied! I came in with a punctured water hose at 5:20 p.m. on the day before a holiday (the posted hours were 8:00-5:30 M-F). When I explained my situation, I expected to get a sympathetic look and an “I'm sorry”, what I got instead was prompt professional service.”

                                                                        -Mike Jonker


“Excellent service, great communication, awesome, pick up & delivery service, for a busy person such as myself that meant so much, overall excellent customer service!”

                                                                        -Kim Deur


“I was very impressed. I was 450 miles from home and had a wheel bearing go out on my truck and also needed new brakes. It was Friday afternoon and I wanted to leave for home the next morning. They started on my truck immediately. They gave me a ride out to my friend's house and when my truck was done they came and picked me up. I was able to leave Saturday morning as planned”

                                                                        -Floyd L. Yoder, Timewell, IL


“This company has been very helpful and understanding, whenever I need help, they are always there. I have had multiple problems with my car and after they fixed everything, my old '91 Grand Prix ran like new.”

                                                                        -Salvador Gozalez


“Very good, polite, courteous and effective. You took a difficult problem and took the time to solve it. We got the car back and it works!”

                                                                        -Robert Wright


“Miles Automotive is the best auto repair shop in the area. I wouldn't consider taking my Toyotas anywhere else. Their work is thorough, fast and very high quality. They fix it right the first time, and at a reasonable price. I have never had a bad experience at Miles Automotive. Their diagnostics and repairs have always been correct. The best benefits I get at Miles is friendly, accurate, high quality work and service. Unlike most repair shops, Miles “goes the extra mile” in customer satisfaction.”

                                                                        -Brad Hayes


“My feeling is that Miles Automotive is an honest, knowledgeable company with friendly and helpful employees. Our car broke down on a Sunday and we needed it back quickly. We called on Monday morning to ask them to rush and it was ready to be picked up, good as new at 11 a.m.”

                                                                        -Jessica Rios


“Very professional, friendly & flexible. Very patient with explaining what was wrong and breaking down specific prices. I was happy with their ability to change my appointment and schedule around my school and job. They asked about my cabin air filter, it had never been changed. It was extremely dirty”

                                                                        -Cathleen Odren


“Excellent work-repair-labor-very friendly-good advice about keeping my car in top condition and when to have certain parts checked or replaced. All experiences have been A+++! Also FREE loaned car while mine is being worked on. They are very customer-friendly.”

                                                                        -John Tinney


“I think the mechanics & other personnel were very accommodating and proficient. We pulled into your drive with a flat tire about 5 minutes before closing time, and your employees stayed over and installed the new tire. We were able to complete our trip to our daughter's.'

                                                                        -Howard Sadler


“I had to have major engine work done. Miles started out looking at the least expensive way to repair it. Then with the engine apart he showed me what was wrong and how to correct it. Miles does good work. Whenever he works on my car, I know that it is done correctly and that I don't have to worry about the problem. He also does the work when he says he will. He doesn't keep putting you off.”

                                                                        -Paul DeKuiper


“I lost the brakes on my Explorer while delivering my mail route. Drove Explorer into Miles, rented a rental vehicle and continued to finish the route. Delivering a mail route demands that I be available and responsible, Miles helps me fulfill those demands.-Thank you.”

                                                                        -Steven J. Richards


I have used Miles Automotive for my car repairs for over 10 years now and have never left unhappy with the service. Miles will go out of his way to make sure you're both safe and happy and seems to care more about his customers – both the new ones and frequent visitors – then most other repair shops.

                                                                         -Chris Kadlec


I was impressed with the service and how they took time to explain what was fixed on my truck. I was also shocked to find a 2 year Warranty came with all parts and labor. That never happened at other service shops, this was the first time! I used Miles Automotive and couldn't believe the difference in the service I received. Spending the money I did and to see the old parts and to be shown what was done, and to be told what else needed fixed without being told “well after all your truck is old” was great service.

                                                                          -Dan & Deborah Kuharevicz


We've used Miles Automotive exclusively since 1998. I am impressed with their honesty, follow-ups, reminders, neatness, organization, and how they back-up their work with a warranty.

                                                                          -Sharon Greenwood


Very Professional, Helpful, and Quality Workmanship!

We were looking forward to our vacation, having booked a week into a campground in New Era. After making the long drive on late Friday afternoon, our truck easily delivered the fifth-wheel trailer to the camp site. It was at that time the transmission decided to lose a lot of fluid - not good! We were effectively stranded!

Saturday morning, with the help of the internet, we made several calls looking for a brand-affiliated automotive dealership/repair shop and a rental car. None of the local car dealerships were open, nor would the rental car that promised “We deliver” would actually deliver! Thankfully, we called Miles Automotive, who wasn't exactly in the neighborhood, and we were rescued! Not only did the staff arrange a tow-truck that morning, they also gave us a ride to their courtesy loaner vehicle so that we could salvage most of our plans for that week. Our truck was repaired at Miles Automotive and runs well. We were most impressed with the personable service that the “Miles Automotive” staff gave to us, coordinating the tow-truck, courtesy vehicle, repairs, as well as their friendly and professional staff. Our vehicle was even washed when we collected it! Thanks very much for all you did for us.

                                                                      -Barry Tyrrell, Chelsea, Michigan


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